Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

Riolu is a fighting pokemon and evolves into Lucario, who is also a fighting type. Riolu is rare in the wild and can only be found near Pokémon gyms or on raids. Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

They’re more common in eggs, but those are hard to hatch because of their rarity. Their attack stat is okay for beginners, but don’t expect them to have high stats like some other pokemon without evolving! 

If you’re looking for a strong beginner’s pokemon that won’t take too much time before it can fight well against others at gyms, riolu might not be the right pick for you.

But if you want something cute and special with good moves that will fit any team nicely as they evolve, Riolu is for you!

who is Pokémon riolu type

Riolu is a fighting-type Pokémon. It evolves from Lucario with high happiness. The maximum happiness any Pokémon can have in the main series games is 255 (255 in its stat).

In order to evolve into Riolu, Lucario’s happiness should be 220 or more. This means that an average of 2 hearts per minute needs to be earned. It can then evolve into a different form, however, this form cannot be back-evolved to Riolu.

Best moveset for Riolu pokemon

pokemon riolu best guide

Riolu is a fighting type pokemon that evolves into Lucario. With the ability to learn many different moves, Riolu has the potential to be one of your most versatile fighters in battle. Here are some recommended best movesets for training Riolu: Best Guide For pokemon riolu

1. Swords Dance, Vacuum Wave, Stone Edge- This set will give you great sweeping abilities with plenty of coverage on both ground and air types. 

2. Counter, Low Kick, Vital Throw- Use this set if you want another counter user who can take out faster opponents by using low kick and vital throw to weaken them before countering their attacks while they’re slowed down from low kick’s effect or weakened from vital throw’s damage taken away move lastly 

3. Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Bullet Punch- Use this set if you want Riolu to be a fast and strong glass cannon type fighter.

pokemon riolu evolution

We will be going over the Riolu evolution process. In order to evolve a pokemon in Pokemon X and Y you need to have one of the following items: Sun Stone, King’s Rock or Up-Grade. 

The first step is simple enough; just level up your pokemon at night time with happiness levels above 220 points. You can also gain happiness levels by giving it PokeRus which doubles the rate of gaining happiness points while active. 

After that go into any building in Lumiose City (including Gyms) during the daytime and head towards the stairs on your left-hand side as soon as you enter that room and speak to the man there who will give you an evolutionary stone for free.

Pokemon riolu weakness (information)

The pokemon Riolu has a weakness in fighting and dark type moves. It can learn many different moves such as bullet punch, rock slide, brick break, and more. In order to evolve into Lucario, the pokemon must have high happiness levels. 

Different weaknesses are displayed in a chart below:   -Fighting Types-Dark Types-Bug Types-Ghost Type-Rock Type-Steel Type-Poison Types-“Normal” (undetermined) types-“Dragon” (unlimited) types-.

This is just one of the many things that you will find out about this Pokemon! Keep reading for more information on what makes this Pokemon so unique and how it can be used to your advantage in battle!

Pokemon riolu Base stats

Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

This post will be discussing the base stats of Pokemon Riolu. The following information is based on a personal, but professional opinion and should not be taken as an official source. 

Pokemon Riolu is a Psychic-type that evolves from pokemon Lucario when it reaches level 30. It has a stat total of 350 which is below average for most pokemon types in this category. 

This makes it very frail so players need to take special care with how they go about training them or risk losing them quickly during battles. 

The best move to start out with would have to be Confusion because it will help remove status ailments that could otherwise cause more problems for the player such as paralysis which hinders movement speed and reduces attack power by half. 

When the player has saved up enough, they should start considering purchasing a TM for Riolu because that will help him become more powerful and viable in battle. 

a special move like Aura Sphere is also recommended because it increases the pokemon’s chance of being successful against various opponents later on down the line.

Pokemon riolu Attack (information)

Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

This article will cover the best attack for a Pokemon Riolu. The data collected is based on level 1, and level 100 pokemon in the game. 

This information was compiled by trainers that have spent hours of their time working out which attack has the highest damage output per second (DPS). All aspects of this post are accurate as of May 2017. 

The winner for this category is Bullet Punch with a DPS of 120 at Level 1 – 100, followed by Blaze Kick with 111 DPS at Level 1-100 and Close Combat with 105 DPS at Level 1-100. 

The third spot goes to Cross Chop which has 104 DPS at Level 1-100. In fourth place, we have Rock Smash with 99 Dps from Levels 1-100. The fifth and final spot goes to Hi Jump Kick which has a measly 94 DPS at level 1-100.

Pokemon riolu card (information)

After the release of Pokemon Black and White, there was a lot of interest in some pokemon cards. In particular, those that had rare pokemon such as riolu. 

Riolu is one of the few pokemon to evolve from an egg without trading or evolving it first. This card can be found in packs of more than one rarity and can also be found in booster boxes containing nine cards each. 

It is recommended that you purchase at least two packs to increase your chances for this rarer card!     We hope this blog post has been informative and helpful for those looking for information on these types of cards!

Pokemon riolu final summary best guide

Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)

Riolu is a small, blue-furred Pokémon that resembles a fox. It has two pointed ears on top of its head and red eyes with no visible sclera or pupils. 

In the centre of its chest is a circular black marking that bears resemblance to an open eye. Riolu’s paws are tipped with three toes, while it boasts four fingers on each hand including one thumb. 

While riolu may not be able to evolve into any other Pokemon, this doesn’t mean it can’t use moves typically used by other species! Best Guide For pokemon riolu-(Moveset, Type, Stats, Evolution, Card, Weakness)


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