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best dunsparce moveset

Dunsparce is a pokemon that can be found in the safari zone and it has an interesting moveset. Unlike most of the other pokemon, Dunsparce has no evolved form so you will need to train it from scratch. dunsparce moveset|dunsparce pokemon Moveset

Dunsparce’s best attacks are Zen Headbutt and Drill Run. These two moves combined with their low weight make for some devastating combos which makes dunsparce a good choice for competitive play. 

It also resists ground type attacks as well as fighting type attacks which means that there is not much this pokemon fears when battling against other types of pokemon.

Dunsparce is actually based on a type of snake, but it looks more like a rabbit. This pokemon has no legs so instead, drowzee slithers around the ground if it wants to move faster. 

It uses its tail to grip onto things and can constrict its prey with this strong tail. The reason why dunsparce is able to use different moves like zen headbutt, drill run and flamethrower, even though it has no arms or legs comes down to its special ability called “Serene Grace”. 

Serene Grace doubles the chances of a move having a secondary effect so dunsparce’s opponents may struggle to know what hit them as they succumb to the effects.

dunsparce moveset gen 2

We’ll be discussing what we think are the best sets for this strong Pokemon in gen 2 of the game. Dunsparce has access to both physical and special attacks, so you’ll have plenty of options depending on your play style. Let’s start with an all-out attack set of Earthquake, Stone Edge, Head Smash, and Hyper Beam. 

This set will give you plenty of power to take down even the bulkiest of Pokemon. Now, let’s discuss a more balanced set that will give you extra defense as well as offence. 

Earthquake and Stone Edge for powerful attacks with Giga Impact and Hyper Beam for situations where you need to save yourself from a tough situation. This set has great coverage and is able to dish out some great punishment. 

Finally, let’s talk about a more special attack-oriented set with attacks like Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. Thunder Wave is the perfect move to have along for this set because it will help you out when your opponent tries to flee from battle. Belly Drum is also an option if you are using Dunsparce in-game and want to take your opponent by surprise.

dunsparce moveset gen 3

“Dunsparce is a Pokemon with a very unique moveset. This Pokémon has the ability to learn Fly, Sleep Talk and Bide at level 15, but it can’t learn any other Flying-type or Normal-type moves. Dunsparce is one of the rarest Pokémon in Generation III.” 

“This Pokémon is mainly used as an HM slave for players that need to use Strength outside of battle or Rock Smash inside caves.” “It’s also known as the weakest fully evolved pokemon in all generations, but don’t let its stats fool you because this little guy has some tricks up his sleeve.” 

“In Generation 3, Dunsparce learns many powerful attacks such as Iron Tail and Aqua Tail which make it a formidable opponent.” “But inside caves or while you’re training, Dunsparce will use its signature move called Dig. Although weak, its attack power doubles in the second turn.

dunsparce moveset gen 4

i will discuss the moveset of dunsparce in gen 4. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of dunsparce and how it can be used to take on different types of pokemon. 

Dunsparce is a small blue creature with some white stripes across its stomach and back. It has an intimidating yellow face that looks like a cross between a duckbill and cat mouth with huge teeth sticking out from either side. 

Dunsparce evolves from snubbull when it reaches level 20, but before it does so, you might want to consider what moveset would best suit your needs as well as which nature you want for your new pokemon. I think that snubbull will be a much better pokemon in gen 4. dunsparce moveset

dunsparce moveset gen 6

This post will be looking at dunsparce’s moveset in gen 6. Dunsparce is a Pokemon with the unique ability to have an incredibly high defence stat without being too slow. 

This makes it one of the best defensive counters for pokemon like metagross who are tough to take down, especially when they’re weak to ground types like dunsparce. This article will explore dunsparce movesets in gen 6 and provide information on how you can use this pokemon effectively in battle.

Dunsparce’s first and most important asset is its ability to beat some of the best pokemon in gen 6, such as mega-metagross. This is because dunsparce has access to movesets with high base power which hit special attack types super effectively. 

Another point that makes dunsparce interesting is that it can learn moves like drill peck and crunch, which aren’t normally seen on special bulky pokemon. While this has good coverage with high base power, it is still limited by the fact that dunsparce doesn’t have any special attack. 

This means that these moves will severely limit its defensive capabilities in battle. A good rule of thumb is to use physical bulkier sets when possible.

dunsparce moveset gen 8

Despite the lack of attention and appreciation, dunsparce is one of the most powerful pokemon in gen 8. It can learn a variety of moves such as earthquake, bite, hydro pump, and thunderbolt. 

Dusparce’s speed stat is decent for its type and level which means it can outspeed certain threats like charizard. Its typing (ground) also allows it to take on electric types with ease. 

With all these great stats and move options for this pokemon,  why isn’t dunsparce considered meta?

Dunsparce has a base stat total of 396 which is pretty bad considering that many other pokemon have 500 or more! To put it into perspective, the runner up for lowest base stat total in gen 8 is goomy with 390. 

What makes dunsparce even worse is its evolution, goodra which has a base stat total of 600. To put it into further perspective, other pokemon such as snivy have a base stat total of only 276!

Dunsparce is known for being very difficult to catch because of its ability, slakoth This ability makes dunsparce so sluggish that it moves extremely slow. Most people blame dunsparce for having this ability; however, I believe it is the one who cursed the pokemon.

Also, dunsparce is known for its awful movepool which is composed of moves like ancient power (a power that’s only 55), drill peck (an aerial move), and iron tail. This makes dunsparce pretty useless since its movepool is lacking many moves that pokemon of its type typically learn such as earthquake, thunderbolt, and ice beam.

dunsparce moveset sword and shield

Dunsparce has a new moveset in the latest pokemon game, Sword and Shield. The move set includes Rock Tomb, Pursuit, Agility, and Dig. This is one of many examples of how Pokemon is changing their games to be more inviting to newer players. 

Dunsparce has had a few different movesets throughout its existence in the Pokémon franchise. Dunsparce was introduced during Generation III with no special abilities or level-up moves. 

In Generation IV however it received both Own Tempo as an ability and Headbutt as a level up move which made him significantly better than he previously was. 

However, this change did not last long since Generation V Own Tempo became an egg move for Misdreavus and Dunsparce eventually got Drill Run as the level up move of choice. 

Even though Headbutt and Drill Run are more or less interchangeable for their purpose (hitting grounded foes) they do not make good STAB moves and it’s noteworthy that Dunsparce can’t learn any Ground-type attacks via TMs.

dunsparce moveset by level

Dunsparce is a pokemon that evolves from snubbull and is one of the rarest in generation 2. It has 3 different movesets depending on its level: Bite, Body Slam, and Headbutt at levels 1-6; Super Fang, Earthquake, and Screech at levels 7-13; 

Hyper Beam, Blizzard, and Selfdestruct at levels 14+. Dunsparce’s stats are very balanced with no glaring weaknesses. With the moveset that it has, however, Dunsparce cannot be used effectively in battle.

When Dunsparce is caught in the wild at level 1-6 its Bite moveset will be replaced by Body Slam or Headbutt depending on which of those moves was used most while it was still a Snubbull. At level 7-13, 

Dunsparce will learn Super Fang at level 7 and Earthquake or Screech depending on which of those moves was used most while it was still a Granbull. At level 14+, Dunsparce will learn Hyper Beam at level 14 and Blizzard or Self Destruct 

depending on which of those moves was used most while it was still a Qwilfish. Dunsparce learns moves at levels that normally don’t learn moves and cannot obtain TMs, so it must be taught HMs to be able to use its level-up moves in battle.

pokemon fire red dunsparce moveset

Dunsparce is a pokemon that has many moves in its move set. It can learn such moves as: Earthquake, Headbutt, and Rock Slide. Dunsparce is considered to be one of the weakest Pokemon in the game due to these weaknesses and lack of powerful attacks. 

However, dunsparce has some perks that make it worth having on your team including being able to start with Stealth Rocks and knowing Bite which is a decent attack for low-level players without much money/items.

Dunsparce is also available at all levels but when caught they will not evolve into anything else so you must trade them or use evolution stones if you want to evolve it later on down the road.

dunsparce pvp moveset

Dunsparce is a pokemon with an interesting pvp moveset. He has access to poke ball, double edge, and howl. These are all great moves for dunsparce because they let him outrun most other Pokemon in the game due to his low speed stat of 45. 

However, he does not have the best type combination as it only has normal typing which means that many other types will be able to take him down without too much difficulty. 

It also doesn’t help that Dunsparce’s health stat is one of its lowest stats at 55 points meaning it can’t take too many hits before going down for good. That being said, if you want a fast Pokemon who knows poke ball and double edge then this might be the right pokemon for you.

dunsparce level up moveset

A level up move set dunsparce is a Pokemon that has the same type of attack for each of its levels. For example, if you had a Pikachu with electric attacks for every level, it would be considered a level up moveset pikachu. 

The term was coined by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jirard Khalil on his show “The Completionist” when discussing how he was going to complete his Pokedex. 

He said that he wanted to find one because they’re really rare and not many people have them. In order to make sure he found one, he started looking through all 151 Pokémon in the game’s database since only about half of them were in the game. 

He found a level up moveset swinub, but it was an alt because he said that there are two types of these Pokemon – ones that you can just set up levels for and ones that have to be hacked into existence.


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