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dunsparce pokemon go shiny

Pokémon Go players are always looking for the next best thing to happen in their game. One day, Niantic Labs decided to introduce a new shiny pokemon into the game: How to Best Information dunsparce pokemon go 

This little guy is difficult to catch but has an extremely low catch rate once you do get him. If you’re lucky enough, he might just be your next favorite pokemon! They say that this creature takes its name from “dunce” meaning “someone who cannot learn.

The dunsparce’s appearance resembles a cross between a snake and lizard with it’s long body and pointed snout. It also has two sets of three horn-like protrusions on its skull called occipital spines which serve as attachment points for some of the neck muscles. They have small wings that do not allow them to fly but they can glide from high places

dunsparce pokemon go evolution

Dunsparence, or Evolution Dunsparce as it is known in the game of Pokemon Go, evolves from Spinda at level 27. It is a bipedal pokemon with two feet and no arms. It has large eyes that are always closed and an eggshell on its back. 

The eggshell only covers the top half of its body like a shell would. There are many different colors for dunsparce including white, pink, yellow, green and blue. Some people believe that it resembles a sea urchin but this has not been confirmed by any source other than speculation by players of the game. 

It’s chin is usually elongated but it can retract to its head when needed. It gets the name “Dunsparce ” from the legend of a farmer finding a half decomposed dunsparce and using its meat for food. This makes it one of the few pokemon to have an origin story that involves humans. 

When a dunsparce evolves from a spinda, it has been known to be significantly faster and stronger. Some speculate that the reason for this is due to its body changing shape as well as gaining more muscle mass.

While rare, there have been sightings of shiny evolved dunsparences. In most cases, these shinies have been found in either white, blue, green or yellow. The rarest being a pink shiny version of the pokemon followed by a darker shade of blue. 

It is unknown why the colors seem to be more common than others but some believe it could be due to their rarity. It is also believed that there are no physical differences between shiny and normal evolved dunsparences, which would make sense as they retain their egg-like back like spinda does.

dunsparce pokemon go pvp

The first and most common strategy a dunsparce user will use is curse to give it a defense, attack, and speed boost which works well for almost any pokemon in pvp as hp is usually not relevant unless you’re taking hits from physical moves like earthquake . 

An example of this would be using curse on your own dunsparce then passing to your android that has already used toxic on itself with the goal being to create a toxic stalling team. 

This can work but there are several things to keep in mind with this strategy: dunsparce pokemon go

1) If you curse yourself both times before passing its possible someone will switch in and knock out your dunsparce before you get to use the curse boosts 

2) if you do manage to pass and your android gets knocked out it’s possible dunsparce will be in a position where it’s too weak to survive 

3) If someone sets up to +6 or higher with one of their pokemon, dunsparce will not survive the hit.

This strategy is useful for catching people off guard when they’re using lots of fire types such as Arcanine , Ninetails , and Flareon . Using a rock slide on these pokemon does very little damage so that can also be passed onto one of your teammates who might be able to knock them out in one shot. 

However this probably won’t work very well if they switch another fire type in to absorb the hit.

Another strategy that works well for dunsparce is using curse, then switching out to a pokemon with earthquake. This will give you the opportunity to get two stat boosts from one turn which can prove to be quite helpful when going up against a team who’s relying on passive damage to knock you out such as machamp , rhyperior , and others. 

The downside of this strategy though is it requires your teammate pokemon to know earthquakes for this to work, so keep that in mind when choosing teammates .

In conclusion I find dunsparce useful because it’s an all around decent pokemon that can help deal with a lot of different types of teams meaning it really doesn’t have any drawbacks or major strengths making it so there’s no reason not to use it. This is why I think everyone should have dunsparce on their team .

dunsparce pokemon go rarity

Dunspare is a pokemon with the rarity of uncommon. It evolves from snubbull at level 22 and has one pre-evolved form, snubbull. They are known to be docile creatures that live in herds on mountains. 

Dunsparce can be found in grass patches or by fishing. One way to tell if you have caught dunsparce is by looking for its large head poking out of the water when fishing! 

The best time to catch dunsparce is during dawn or dusk because they are most active then. There are certain times when dunsparce will have a chance to spawn in certain areas, so keep an eye out! 

You might also want to consider catching this creature if you happen across it because they are known for their rare ability, running away. Yes you read that right, dunsparce is capable of reading your mind and then avoiding all incoming attacks by simply running away! 

This does not always work, so consider yourself lucky if you actually get to battle one of these elusive pokemon.

dunsparce pokemon go stats

Stat Range At (Lv.) 60 At (Lv.) 120 (HP) : 35 134 – 181 238 – 350 (Attack) : 70 67 – 134 130 – 262 (Defense) : 90 85 – 156 166 – 306 (Sp. Atk) : 40 40 – 101 76 – 196 (Sp. Def) : 55 54 – 117 103 – 229 (Speed) : 65 63 – 128 121 – 251 Total: 325 Other 

Pokémon with this total Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs , IVs of 0, and a hindering nature , if applicable. Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

dunsparce pokemon go attacks

In this post I will be discussing who best attacks dunsparce pokemon go. Dunsparce has a total of six moves, and no evolution line in the game, but it does have a mega form that changes the typing from normal to ground-dragon. 

It’s not one of the more popular pokemon out there for competitive play because it doesn’t offer much variety when it comes to defending against other types or attacking with them. 

In order to decide how good they are you need to know their attack stats, which are surprisingly low for such an unusual looking creature. 

The best attacks they have are Iron Tail which does damage with a power rating of 65 and Dragon Tail which also does 65 damage but is only special type so it is super effective against dragons. 

The rest of the attacks are not too bad for this pokemon, there’s Metal Burst which does 20 damage for each 10 damage it has already received, Snore which does 40 with no extra effects and Zen Headbutt with 30 power but may make your opponent flinch.

Dunspare is also capable of using moves that are usually not available to them by having the ability magic coat, see invisible or clear body as well as just being really hard to hit because they have the bulk up ability which means any attack that would do 40 or less damage will now do 80 instead. 

If you can get lucky enough to have a dunsparce with false swipe then you can use it to lower your opponents hp without knocking them out.

After all that you might be wondering, why isn’t dunsparce pokemon considered to be one of the best pokemon in the game? Well this is because it is not fully evolved and cannot gain experience like all other pokemon which means it has a very low combat point (cp). 

These stats are used when competing against another player or gym trainer. To work out your cp divide your total attack by half then multiply it by 100 and if you look at dunsparce’s stats he only has 223 max cp meaning he will never be as good as some of the top tier pokemon out there! 

So now you know who best attacks dunsparce pokemon go I hope this helps improve your knowledge on what each pokemon can do and who is best attacks them!

what is the point of dunsparce pokemon go

What is the point of dunsparce pokemon go? Dunsparce has been a mystery to Pokemon Go players as they have only seen it once in their entire time playing. It’s been said that you need to be at least level 28 for this monster to show up,

but no one knows for sure what the exact requirements are. Either way, if you want a new challenge and don’t mind waiting around for hours on end, try catching dunsparce! 

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic summer break where your days were filled with nothing but relaxation and good company. Unfortunately now we’re back into the routine of school or work so there isn’t much time left over for gaming anymore (or maybe you’re still on break, whatever). 

I’m prepping for the upcoming school year by reading some of my text books so that I can hit the ground running come September. However before I leave you to continue your school-life adventure, there’s one more article left in this series!

Today we’ll be talking about a Pokemon GO mystery which many players have had happen to them at least once.

dunsparce pokemon gold

Dunsparce is a pokemon that was originally in the gold version of the game. This pokemon has been around for quite some time and still doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Some people say that dunsparce is one of the most underrated and underused pokemon out there, but there are many others who disagree with this statement. With its unique ability to bounce off walls and even use its tail as a whip, 

dunsparce could be an extremely useful partner in your next adventure through Kanto. However, with its extremely low attack stat and its inability to learn more than one move (which is hidden power) many people find dunsparce as nothing but a useless pokemon to carry around.

When the 3rd generation games rolled out, I’m sure everyone was expecting some sort of evolution for this pokemon. But Nintendo somehow missed it and released another poke-bait pokemon among us players. 

People looked to denjuu and their evolutionary lines in the crystal version and ruby/sapphire also saw changes like this with kirlia and gardevoir. Well we can’t blame them too much because there were no hints about dunsparce evolving whatsoever, 

not even in silver or gold versions so it’s understandable that they don’t think about it. But where does dunsparce really belong? What kind of evolution or type change should have been implemented if anything?

After playing through the game, I’ve come to conclude that neither evolutions nor type changes are suitable for this pokemon. So here’s my take on what Dunsparce is and his role in the world of Pokémon.

Dunsparce is a pokemon whose ability ‘Serene Grace’ will always activate whenever moves like judgement, weather ball, natural gift etc are used by it or against it. 

People say that this ability makes no sense because Dunsparce can’t do much damage with its moves anyway so why even bother having it there in the first place? Well if they look closely at its pokedex entry, they might actually understand why dunsparce has this ability. 

Dunsparce uses the move ‘BODY SLAM’ when it gets in a tight situation and the description says “its body is very soft” which can cause paralysis to an attacker if dunsparce is attacked physically. 

So in my opinion, Serene Grace was implemented for additional effects in addition to BODY SLAM which helps soften up their opponent before delivering a powerful blow with its tail or biting down with talons made from its wings.

Dunsparce also has one of the heaviest weights among all pokemon species which gives it the ability to withstand most pokemon attacks so using Body Slam on it would be pointless because no matter how much damage you do to it,

dunsparce will always be able to stand up. So this is why I think that dunsparce should not evolve or gain any type changes because its presence in the metagame determines the outcome of many battles which makes it all the more special for me.

dunsparce best moveset pokemon go

Dunsparce is a pokemon with low stats. However, it has an amazing moveset for defending gyms and taking out other pokemon. To start off, dunsparce has the move rollout which will attack the enemy’s team until they faint or roll away from them. 

It also can use body slam to do damage and paralyze opponents as well as seismic toss to throw them around and do damage while getting closer. For this reason, Dunsparce should be one of your first go-to pokemon in Pokemon Go.


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