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Dunsparce is a pokemon that was introduced in the second generation of games, Gold and Silver. Dunsparce’s rarity has made it a sought-after species to have in your collection, but what you may not know about this creature is its origins from Smogon. dunsparce smogon|dunsparce pokemon smogon

The first recorded appearance of Dunsparce on Smogon was as an Uber tier NU (Never Used) Pokemon back in 2006. In 2009 dunsparce reached Ubers for the first time as a semi-major threat after being allowed into OU (Overused). 

This made Dunsparce a notable pokemon as it was the first Pokemon to ever be banned from OU and then allowed back into OU.

In early 2011, another tier rise occurred for dunspare causing it to become a UU (Underused) pokemon. However, this time wasn’t as fortunate as before as Dunsparce would remain as a UU pokemon for many years. 

Finally in 2016, after thirteen long years of being stuck as a UU pokemon, dunsparce smogon was finally allowed into the OU tier. This caused somewhat of a cult following for dunspare and even resulted in Dunsparce receiving its own day on Smogon’s calendar: January 9th which is said to be Dunsparce’s birthday.

Dunsparce has received mixed reviews since its inception into the series back in 1996 mainly due to its low stats overall. It doesn’t have much going for it other than being one of few normal types that are able to learn Gligar-fly at an early level. 

Even with this move set, it will most likely fall short against the new pokemon pheromosa which is said to be a better version of Shaymin-sky. We actually caught our own personal Sidney on the ultra sun and he has been with us since lvl 5 on route 4. He has seen some battles but isn’t yet ready for a battle spot or even shiny hunting (yes he’s shiny) if you were wondering.

dunsparce smogon ss (soul-silver)

Dunsparce is one of the most elusive Pokemon in the game. It has a hidden ability and is only available through smogon ss or gen 3 trade backs, which means you can’t just catch it at your nearest poke-stop. 

Dunsparce’s stats are not very impressive but it’s an excellent fast attacker that can take on some of the best gyms in the game with its low defence and special attack stats. With the addition of smogon ss, many people are able to get their own dunsparce through trading and they can now enjoy this pokemon.

dunsparce smogon dp (diamond-pearl)

Dunsparce is a Normal-type Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Dunsparce has the ability Serene Grace which doubles the chance of secondary effects happening like paralysis or flinching, but it can’t be put to sleep with any move, including Rest. 

Dunsparce’s most prized stat is Defense, so if you want to use this little guy on your team it is best to build around its defences with sturdy defensive types like Blissey or Chansey. 

The only drawback is that Dunsparce will have trouble against Flying-type pokemon because they are immune to Ground-type attacks.dunsparce smogon

Dunsparce can either be found in the wild or hatched from an Egg. If you are trying to find a Dunsparce in the wild it is best to use the PokeRadar.

dunsparce smogon xy

Dunsparce has been a popular pokemon since generation 2. dunsparce smogon sparce’s typing is normal and bug, which makes it the only dual-type pokemon to have no weaknesses. 

In competitive battling, dunsparce was often used as an anti-metagame choice for players who could not decide on a different type of team. This led to many people using dunsparce in lower-tier metagames such as Little Cup because its typing gave it an advantage over most other types of teams that were commonly seen there. 

However, with the release of XY Smogon XY ruleset in 2016, dunsparce usage has decreased significantly due to its low stats and lack of resistance allowing it to be easily checked by a large number of pokemon.

dunsparce smogon gs

Dunsparce is a pokemon with excellent defensive stats and average attacking stats. It is the only pokemon to learn the move astonish, which makes it difficult for opponents to do anything but switch out or wait for dunsparce’s attack to be over. 

However, this creature has one of the lowest base stat totals in all of smogon gs and can’t really take advantage of its ability because of how low it ranks on most offensive movesets.  

Dunsparce also has fairly low speed so fast opponents such as ninjask can easily revenge kill it if they manage to survive an onslaught from dunsparce’s attacks. If you want a fun new challenge in your competitive play, try using dunsparce as a lead pokemon. 

It can appear harmless at first, but with the right strategy, you could decimate many unsuspecting teams!

First off let’s talk about dunsparce’s role on your team. Dunsparce is an awesome pokemon to have as a lead because of its ability, Serene Grace. The notorious speed tie between opposing leads Ninjask and jolteon is not a problem for this little guy for 

two reasons: 

1) he has serene grace, so moves such as baton pass will always be passed with +2 priority, and 

2) dunsparce is bulky enough to take a hit from either ninjask or jolteon thanks to his high HP stat and average defences. In my opinion, 

Dunsparce is by far the best lead to have against a jolteon because even if your opponent predicts correctly and sends in his jolteon on turn one, you can still attempt a baton pass or a quick attack.dunsparce smogon 

With +2 priority from serene grace, it will be hard for your opponent’s jolteon to switch in safely. If you predict that they are going to send in ninjask instead of their jolteon, 

don’t worry- you can always switch out into skarmory or sableye before anything happens!

dunsparce smogon rs

Dunsparce Smogon RS is an item in Pokemon GO that can be obtained by catching a Dunsparce in the wild at certain locations or by trading with other players. 

What makes these items special is that they have increased stats compared to regular dunsparce caught from the wild or traded with other players! dunsparce smogon

dunsparce smogon bw

Dunsparce is a pokemon from the first generation of games, and it has been in every generation since. It was originally intended to be a ground-type pokemon but later changed into a pure psychic type. 

In the third generation of games, Dunsparce gained access to Amnesia which can allow its health points to be restored for one turn. dunsparce smogon BW is an online competitive battling website that uses a tier ranking system with 7 tiers: Uber, OU (overused), 

BL3+ (balanced – underrepresented), BL2+ (balanced – overrepresented), UU1+, UU2+, NU1+, NU2+. Dunsparce falls in Tier 5 on Smogon BW because it needs more special defence to be effective.

Dunsparce is a very unique pokemon with many different ways of being used in battle, but why is it so underused? Many people recognize Dunsparce as having one of the worst move pools in competitive battling. 

It has access to 20 moves that are all pretty much terrible choices for competitive play. A few notable ones are Drill Run, Headbutt, Glare, Roar & Body Slam which aren’t good because they have low power and/or accuracy. dunsparce smogon

Other moves include Yawn which can put an opponent to sleep if they switch out meaning you’ll likely lose your turn trying to make it work (especially since most other pokemon resist this attack), 

Quick Attack & Bite which aren’t powerful enough to do much of anything and Last Resort which is only useful if your opponent’s pokemon have already fainted. If you get a chance to see Dunsparce in battle, 

it will likely be using its signature move Yawn so try not to switch out immediately because it’ll put your pokemon to sleep meaning you’ll have to take a turn before being able to attack again.

dunsparce gen 2 smogon

Dunsparce is a Pokemon that has been around since the second generation of games. It can be found at Route 12 in Johto, Victory Road in Sinnoh, and the Safari Zone in Unova’s Route 4. dunsparce smogon

Its evolutions are Gligar and Steelix. Dunsparce is a Normal-type with no weaknesses or resistances to types other than Fighting. The stats for this pokemon are 75 / 45 / 100 / 50 / 80 which makes it an average attacker with some bulk but not much else going for it offensively or defensively. 

Overall I would rank this pokemon as below average due to having only one attacking move (Rock Slide) until its evolution stages where it gains more moves but loses speed making them even less useful than dunsparce smogon.

Despite being a Normal-type, Dunsparce is allowed to use Dig in some games. The ability Serene Grace doubles the chance of added effects from moves such as flinching, paralysis, and confusion occurring which can be useful with something like Rock Slide or Iron Tail. 

It also has a decent movepool with access to a variety of TMs including Earthquake and Ice Beam along with Hidden Power types up until Fairy at which point its best options are taken away from it due to it being a Normal-type.

However, this pokemon’s true claim to fame comes from its Dream World ability: Serene Grace. This doubles the chance of an added effect (i.e Paralysis, Burn, Poison, etc). 

Serene Grace is a great ability and with the right moves (Iron Tail / Rock Slide / Earthquake and whatever else you want) and nature, this pokemon can be quite useful against unprepared teams.

dunsparce gen 5 smogon

Dunsparce is a Pokemon that was introduced in the fifth generation. It has an interesting type combination of Ground and Normal. Dunsparce is also one of the few pokemon with the ability to learn Baton Pass, making it a good choice for setting up sweepers or late game cleaners. 

Dunsparce can be found at Route 12 in Black 2 and White 2 as well as Viridian Forest in Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal versions. This pokemon has access to moves like Double-Edge, Headbutt and Yawn which make it tough to take down without status effects or heavy damage. 


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