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The mega Gyarados pokemon is a fan favourite in the world of pokémon, and for good reason. This water/flying type has been around since the first generation when it was introduced as one of the most powerful pokemon in the game. 

It is said that if you evolve magikarp into this giant fish pokemon and give it a special item called a “mega stone”, then its attack power will skyrocket. The mega evolution also changes its appearance to something more menacing than before with larger teeth and spikes all over its body. 

After evolving, this pokemon becomes extremely territorial, making it difficult to get near without an intense fight ensuing. If you want to add some real strength to your team, then look no further than mega Gyarados pokemon!

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mega gyarados pokemon go

The mega Gyarados pokemon go has been released and is now in the game. This new form of this water type dragon pokemon will be a powerful force in any battle. 

The stats for this one stage evolution are: Attack-150 Defense-110 Special attack-130 Special defense-120 Speed – 130, and it has three different moves: Dragon dance, Waterfall, and Hydro pump. 

Mega Gyarados Pokemon will have increased strength and defense, but low speed, so you might want to invest in a few power items to increase its survivability. With the most powerful moves available, claws of fury from Mewtwo or primal kyogre’s special move water spout these mega evolutions will be dominating gyms very quickly.

mega gyarados pokemon counters

Mega Gyarados pokemon is a great counter to many pokemon, but there are some that can take it out pretty easily. This article will help you figure out what pokemon can beat Mega Gyarados and which ones to avoid when using him.

Mega Gyarados has high attack and defence stats, so he’s able to deal a lot of damage no matter how he’s being attacked. If your opponent uses his mega evolution then they’ll have even higher stats! 

Even with the extra boost though, there are still pokemon that do well against him in battle. Some of those include Raikou, who resists water moves and also deals super-effective damage back at Mega Gyarados. 

Another good choice would be Jynx or Espeon as they resist water moves and have access to a bunch of psychic moves that do a ton of damage, including his terrible special defence. 

As you see, most pokemon who can deal super effective or at least neutral damage to Mega Gyarados will usually be able to take the win. If your opponent manages to mega evolve before any major damage is dealt with them, then it may be a good idea to switch out.

If you’re going against Mega Gyarados pokemon with any pokemon that can mega evolve, then you should try your best to take him down before he mega evolves. This way you’ll gain an advantage over him and will have less of a chance of losing the battle. If you would like to know how to beat any other Pokemon,

mega gyarados pokemon evolve

Mega-evolving Gyarados is a fantastic way to turn the tides of battle. This powerful ability turns this pokemon’s Water-type into Dragon/Flying, giving it an immunity to Electric attacks and adding some new offensive capabilities. 

However, mega evolve can only be activated at certain times during battle. If you’re ready to unleash the power of Mega-Gyarados onto your opponent, read on!

The first step in enabling mega evolve is finding a Mega Stone for Gyarados. The two available stones are both held items; one called “Gyaradosite” that boosts all stats by 1 except HP (which gets boosted 2 points instead), and another called “Shiny Gyaradosite” which boosts all stats by 3 except HP (which gets boosted 4 points instead). 

These stones are not sold in poke marts or found in the wild; they can only be obtained by turning the correct pokemon into their stone form via a new move called “mega evolve”, which can be learned by several Pokemon including Gyarados.

The second step is obtaining the mega evolve move for Gyarados. This is done by levelling up a Gyarados to level 55 while holding the stone, then using the mega evolution move tutor on it in battle. It will have an easy time learning this new move if its nature is already Jolly. After that, you’ll be ready for some fun!

When your opponent has 6 pokemon on the field, you can use mega evolve to transform your Gyarados into Mega-Gyarados pokemon. The traceback for this is that it will be locked into that move until it goes back to being a normal Gyarados, or faints; so choose wisely when you want to unleash its power!

You can obtain two different stones to mega evolve your Gyarados. One is a “shiny gyaradosite” and the other is a regular gyaradosite. If you check their IVs, 

one will have above average stats for all of its stats while the other stone has below average stats for all of its stats. That means that if you want to get the best Gyarados possible, you need to use your shiny stone on one of them.

The power of mega evolve is tough to ignore, so even if the circumstances aren’t right for it you would do well not to underestimate Gyarados. However, there are some drawbacks that prevent this pokemon from easily overcoming certain threats; plus its weaknesses to Electric, Grass, Ice and Fairy types will keep it from being able to sweep certain teams.

mega gyarados weakness

Mega Gyarados Pokemon has a lot of weaknesses, both offensively and defensively. Offensively, it is weak to Electric-, Rock-, and Fairy-type moves. Defensively, Mega Gyarados is weak to Grass- and Ground-type moves as well as the Z move Fissure. 

It also has a very low Defense stat which can be easily countered by Ice Beam or Blizzard attacks. Because of this weakness, I would recommend using pokemon such as Alakazam with Psychic-type moves because it will have lots of success against this mega evolution.

mega gyarados raid

The mega Gyarados pokemon raid is now live so let’s take a look at how it works! First, the Gyarados will appear in raids for 30 minutes before disappearing. You’ll need to find him and then battle him–you can’t catch him directly. 

The first time you defeat mega Gyarados pokemon he will drop an item that lets you buy an EX raid pass. The second time you beat this powerful pokemon, he will drop a rare golden shard that allows you to buy a silver EX raid pass. And the third time? 

how to get mega gyarados energy

Mega Gyarados pokemon is a powerful Pokémon that can deal massive amounts of damage. The best way to stop Mega Gyarados from dealing so much damage is by using special energy cards against it, such as Double Colorless Energy and Strong Energy. 

Both cards will reduce the amount of damage dealt by 30 for each card attached to your Pokémon. If you don’t have any of those two basic energy types in your deck, then you could always use Max Elixir to attach them onto your active Pokemon. 

This will allow Mega Gyarados’ attack cost to be reduced down from four colorless energies into one colorless energy which makes a big difference when it comes time for an attack! 

mega evolution gyarados pokemon go

Mega evolution Gyarados is one of many pokemon that can be found in the game pokémon go. The mega evolution process takes place when a player has caught enough of the same type of pokemon to initiate it, and then feed them berries until they evolve into their final form. 

Gyarados’s final form is an incredible force to contend with, as it will start out at level 50, giving players 2x experience points for every battle they fight against other trainers’ gyarados (including wild ones), and have some exclusive movesets available to use. 

The mega evolution costs a hefty amount of candy, which can be obtained by catching duplicates or trading them with friends through the “recruit a friend” system to double their effectiveness. 

Players should really consider whether they want to spend that much candy on one pokemon because if they accidentally sell it, its final form will never come back like normal unlocks.

The mega evolution process also changes Gyarados’s sprite, adding red spikes to its forehead and tail, changing the fins around its face, and making it even more intimidating. 

Players can tell that they now have one of these powerful pokemon in their inventory by the gold stars that appear beneath its name. The mega evolution also grants Gyarados the ability to learn the exclusive moveset “hydro vortex”, which can be very powerful in specific circumstances.

When players first encounter Gyarados’s mega evolution, it starts out as level 20, so it will take some time for them to evolve up through the levels until they are strong enough to fight gyarados at its normal max level of 40. That’s where this story comes in.

Mega evolution Gyarados terrorizes a small town by destroying its dam and flooding it with all the water from the local reservoir. The water starts rising several feet over the course of an hour, and finally causes damage to some residential property, but luckily no one is harmed. Gyarados then flies away to find a new location to destroy.

The news reports that the mega evolution is still in town, so players are asked to be on the lookout for any signs of Gyarados. If they encounter it by playing the game normally, they should defeat it and try their best not to damage any property (which will upset local pokemon center owners and reduce their patronage). 

If a player encounters a Gyarados that has already destroyed property or is attacking someone, then they should try to defeat it as quickly as possible.

mega gyarados pokemon card

The mega Gyarados pokemon card is a strong, powerful card that will be able to knock out your opponent’s Pokemon in one hit. This can come in handy if you have a low hp pokemon and want to switch it out for a stronger one. 

It has an ability called ‘mega launcher’ which powers up all of the mega evolutions on your bench by two stages, this means that they get +2 more attack power and defence points. Mega Charizard x gets an extra 20 damage because of its ability ‘energy burner’. 

The colourless energy attached to mega Charizard allows it to do 20 more damage while fighting against any type of pokemon (excluding fairy types). Be sure not to use any water energy cards when using this mega evolution or else it will have no damage during that turn.

This pokemon card is weak to fighting, ground, grass and rock types of pokemon so be sure to get rid of any potential threats with flying or psychic type pokemon before you try to use this mega Gyarados pokemon card. 

This means that even if your opponent has a fighting type pokemon on the bench if you have a flying type pokemon on the bench your mega Gyarados pokemon will still do more damage.

It is part of one of the three different mega evolution card packs that are being released this year. This pack only has the mega Charizard x on it while there are two other packs with either mega Blastoise or mega Venusaur on them. The packs will cost about $20 and can be found in stores such as Walmart or toy r us.

This is a cool card with its awesome mega evolution and overall good stats for both attack and defence points. This means that it will give your opponent a challenge when fighting against you, forcing him to work hard to defeat you. 

They will have to attach a lot of energy cards to knock it out and not just one or two. Be sure to get this card if you already don’t have it because you can build up your collection and hopefully collect all three packs that come out, making your mega pokemon even stronger!


Can I use energy cards other than colorless energy cards to power up my pokemon?

No, otherwise it will fail and you won’t be able to use the card. What is the attack and defense rating of this card?     210/220 How many types does this card come in? 

Two: holographic (it has a shiny effect) and normal (not shiny)     O.o Can this card be used in unlimited format?  No, it cannot; there are several cards that can only be used in limited or expanded formats. Next week I will discuss the mega charizard x card and how effective it is on the battle field!


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